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    @alex It could also be nice in terms of syncing as well as having multiple systems access the same file via having the default file be manually st to a NAS or other Network Storage/Cloud Network. This way the file will sync automatically with the NAS and you can then go onto your laptop or another PC with the same file set as default within the NAS, and you can pick up where you left off.

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    To reproduce:

    Create a TodoList Widget Add three 'todo' entries Click the checkbox on the top entry in the list The bottom entry gets a check mark, instead of the one at the top. ;(
    (This on MacOs Monterey, have not yet had time to check other releases)
  • Planned Features

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    Done in v2.3.0:

    Apps and Apps manager, to configure the list of desktop applications that will be launchable from Freeter. For example, File Opener widget will be able to open files and folders with a specific application, instead of a default one depending on file extensions. File Opener widget: Specify an application to open files/folders with. New widget: Web Query, to quickly perform queries with a web search engine or any other website supporting URL queries. New widget: Timer, a simple countdown timer that will help to get things done by staying focused for short periods. Webpage widget: Enabled links opened in a new window.